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We are a family company. Bill, my brother and I have come to maturity down different pathways. Me? I’m Harry. Bill and I both milked cows on our family's dairy farm in the SW of WA. We both headed off in our late teens.

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What we do now is give you the benefit of our collective years of wandering around the backtracks of WA. We know where those elusive special flowers hide. We have a wild flower season in WA that starts [ according to rains and temperatures, remember nature rules ] many miles north of Perth in early late July and slowly moves southwards with the seasonal changes, into early December. The eastern boundary is even more hard to forecast and is a jagged line dictated, again, by winter rains. We do not predict ahead too much, we rely on local contacts, which are very reliable by the day. From this flexibility, it means we take you to the best of what is out and thriving in each sector, for the time of year. Added into the flower hunt are local features, creeks, gorges, hill tops, whatever the area has that is memorable and yes photogenic.

The How. We have two very comfortable, air conditioned vehicles. Fully serviced and maintained. No sore backs or stiff shoulders from bad seating. We do not do marathon drives. Our expectation is that, on site, at the end of the day you have done around 3-4 hours of broken shift drives, walked around exploring and finding special individual flowers such as spider or donkey orchids, enjoyed food and hot drinks or cold, had a chair to just sit and veg out, if that’s what you want to do on a break. Hey, lets be happy and full of joy. You will experience something very, very, special that replenishes your inner spiritual needs. Relax and let the spell of the red dirt and big open country in the north, or the magnificent Karri forests and massive ferns of the south, or our rugged coast line that wrecked so many Dutch and French explorers, weave its spell. It’s a great experience we offer and we work at caring and sharing, with, as well as for you. Oh! and we never cancel an advertised trip, once we have even just a single booking. “No worries mate”.

Cancellation Policy

We understand plans can change, so here are our conditions and policies

30 DAYS or less pre departure up to 10 days pre departure 50% tour cost refund.
Less than 10 days pre departure. "No Show" on day of departure NO refund.
Departing tour for any reason pre conclusion NO refund.

PAYMENT & Our Liability
Tour prices quoted, include dinner, breakfast and two "smokos" where indicated, park entry fees, plus any other charges that relate to your itinerary. Routes may well be changed according to local conditions. This will only happen for safety or presenting a better tour according to local conditions. The only surety will be booked accommodation each day.
1.Tour prices quoted include Dinner Bed & Breakfast plus Smoko (DB&B+S), park entry fees, plus any other charges that relate to your itinerary. Since lunch cannot always be promised, we cater for a big morning breakfast as well as an AM Smoko. We also carry "make your own Dossers Slab" for where Cafes and Road Houses are unavailable Out Bush. We keep you well fed!
2.A non refundable deposit per person, per tour, equal to a one day cost of tour, is necessary to confirm your booking, when submitting this form or booking by phone. Card Payment for Deposit can be accepted. A confirmation receipt will be issued, for all payments to us.
a.Balance of tour cost is requested no later than 30 days before departure, by Electronic Bank transfer please.
b.IF you're booking via a travel agent, then our conditions still apply, as well as any set by the agent.
NB. Travel Insurance makes lots of sense and we strongly recommend you to have it. We accept no liability for expense or inconvenience or tour cancelled or aborted for reasons beyond our control. We strongly advise that you protect your own interests and do have travel insurance.
Where State or Federal Governments within Australia have made conditions where our tours have to be cancelled, or you are barred by government regulations from travel to reach us, then we will refund all monies you have paid, excepting the holding deposit.
International and other internal airlines are currently cancelling flights without warning. If you miss our tours departure we will not make any refund nor schedule you onto another tour. Liability is not ours and refunds will not be given.
However there are also other factors to consider such inclement weather that floods roads, bush fires where roads are closed and habitat destroyed and other such Acts of God beyond our control, such as your illness whilst travelling. Your tour will stand at risk. We accept no liability, refunds will not be given.
Our motor vehicles are well serviced by registered top outlets and service records are kept. However we cannot forecast mechanical faults, that do not show at the time of service. Vehicles can break down. Certainly we have top of the range policies with the RAC for recovery. However your tour stands at risk. We accept no liability for such events. Refunds will not be given.
We make no commitment to guarantee your on going travel connections. You should leave at the very least a 48hr gap between an expected ETA Perth and your next connection.
Again we say, Travel Insurance is there to protect you, it makes lots of sense.


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