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Manjimup Western Australia

A timber mill town surrounded by towering Jarrah and Karri Forest, the basis for Manjimup's existence. The surrounding forest is in pristine condition with many bush trails and streams which allow visitors to get close to Australian birds and wildlife.

At a Glance

Visitors can learn the history of the timber industry as well as sample a large range of local produce.

Manjimup Western Australia


Where is Manjimup?


Manjimup is 301 kilometres south-east of Perth.

Manjimup is an inland town situated in the Southern Forests area of Australia's South West tourist region. Manjimup is surrounded by state forest and is a major town on the popular route to Manjimup. One of the best ways to get to Manjimup is to hire a car from Perth Airport.

Manjimup Western Australia


Things to see in Manjimup


Stunning Forest

Tall, temperate forest surrounds Manjimup which include the majestic Karri and Jarrah trees. Wildflowers are abundant in Spring all through the forest. Australian wildlife also inhabits the forest including Western Rosellas, Lorikeets, Port Lincoln Parrots as well as Possums and Kangaroos.

Stunning Forest Manjimup

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The Four Aces

These four Karri Trees growing in "Indian File" are the sole survivors of 10,000 germinating seeds in the ash bed of an old karri. At 220 years old, they began life just after the French Revolution and at the time when Captain Cook made his first sighting of Australia.

The Four Aces Manjimup

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Glenoran Pool

A very pretty swimming and picnic area on the delightful Donnelly River with barbecues, shade, walk trails and toilets provided. A walk trail links the pool and nearby historical One Tree Bridge and the Four Aces. In season, fish the river for Leaping Rainbow Trout or Marron. 


Diamond Tree Fire Lookout

At the top of this 51 metre Karri Tree and about 10 kilometres from Manjimup is the only wooden tree-top tower in the world. It is still used as an integral part of the fire management of the area. Climbing of the tree is permitted for the brave and a forest adventure trail also starts here.


What's the weather like?


Manjimup has a Mediterranean climate with mild summers and cold winters. Rainfall is plentiful during Winter which provides ideal conditions for the tall trees to flourish and surrounds the town with temperate forest. Rivers and streams are also continually flowing all year round. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 38°C with an average minimum temperature of 24°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 10°C with an average minimum temperature of 4°C.


Get to know Manjimup's history


The Aboriginal people of the Manjimup region, the Nyoonga people, lived in the region in small numbers for thousands of years. Europeans made a number of exploratory visits in the area after 1830. The town takes its name from local Aboriginal words. 'Manjin' means 'an edible reed' and 'up' is a common local suffix in the region, meaning 'place of'.

Timber getting was the initial mainstay of Manjimup's economy, timber millers producing fine Jarrah, Karri, Marri and Blackbutt. Early settlers on the Swan River used jarrah from the forests of the south west, referring to it as Swan River mahogany. Today Manjimup is the commercial centre providing services to the Warren and Blackwood Valleys.