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About Western Australia

About Western Australia

Picture a place where there are no wars. A place without famine or major disease. A multicultural society with a democratic government. A place where children are taught to dream and not despair. All amidst unique and spectacular scenery. Welcome to Western Australia.

At A Glance

The state covers almost one third of the Australian continent and is the country's largest, yet least populated state. The total population of W.A. is almost 2 million with 70% living in Perth. The climate of the state varies from north to south and east to west. The southern parts have a Mediterranean climate whereas the north experiences a much more tropical climate. Inland areas receive much less rainfall and so is sparsely populated. Scenery in the state is spectacular and the economy is booming.

Western Australia's state capital city Perth is currently building a brand new waterfront district, named Elizabeth Quay in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee. Today, Perth rides on the crest of an economic boom not seen for 100 years. Other notable projects of the current era include Perth Arena, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, 140 William Street, Perth City Link, Cathedral Square, BankWest House & Brookfield Place. Elizabeth Quay will form the last piece of a puzzle to transform central Perth.





Originally discovered by the Dutch in 1616, the first settlements by Europeans were made by the British in the 1820's. On the 1st of June, 1829, Captain James Stirling founded the Swan River Colony, which was later to become the state's capital city of Perth. The colony originally adopted a policy of no convicts, but a lack of population growth overturned the decision. Eventually convicts were sent to help build infrastructure and buildings.

The name of Perth was bestowed upon the colony as a tribute to Sir George Murray who, at the time was the secretary of state for the colonies, and who sat in the House Of Commons as member for the old Scottish capital of Perthshire. To the right is all that remains of the old Pensioner Guard Barracks, now known as Barracks Arch, located at the west end of St Georges Terrace in Perth's CBD.



Western Australia's economy is based largely on unprocessed primary products - Agriculture / Horticulture, mining, forestry and fishing. Minerals including oil and natural gas have gained increased importance, with WA looking set to be the major natural gas provider to much of Asia. The tourism industry has taken off in the past decade, with the world waking up to the fact that WA is one of the last frontiers of exploration left on the planet. Health technologies is also another emerging industry. Western Australia has had a AAA credit rating for the last 10 years, confirming that WA is a great place to do business.


Currency & Tipping

Australian currency is decimal. Notes include $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and coins 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2. Banks are open from 9.30AM - 4.00PM Monday to Thursday and 9.30AM to 5.00PM on Fridays. Automatic Teller Machines are available at any time and are located at most shopping centres in each town.

Foreign exchange is available at city banks, major hotels, Thomas Cook offices, American Express offices, the Perth International Airport and Foreign Currency Exchange.

Tipping is not a necessary part of social culture in Western Australia and most major credit cards are accepted throughout the State. Use the form below to see what your currency is worth in Australian dollars.



Western Australia's economy is one of the fastest growing in Australia which weathered the global financial crisis of 2008 well. There is plenty of work for skilled migrants or tourists on a working holiday visa. The Mining, Construction and Retail jobs sectors in Perth are leading the WA economy, which is one of the most dynamic in Australia. Vacancies exist for mining jobs, construction and retail jobs in Perth. Other job sectors that are also showing activity are banking and finance, engineering, healthcare, medicial and trades and services jobs.

Western Australia's economy continues to grow and so there is no shortage of work for skilled migrants or tourists on a working holiday visa. The Mining, Construction and Retail jobs sectors in Perth are leading the WA economy, which is one of the most dynamic in Australia. With many sectors experiencing unprecedented demand for skilled and unskilled workers, many vacancies exist for mining jobs, construction and retail jobs in Perth. Other sectors also showing increased activity are banking and finance, engineering, healthcare, medical, trades and services jobs.




Useful Facts

Tick  Area: 2 500 000 sq/km

Tick  Population: 2 400 000

Tick  Faunal Emblem (Animal): Numbat

Tick  Bird Emblem (Bird): Black Swan

Tick  Floral Emblem: Kangaroo Paw

Tick  Timezone: +8 hours GMT

Tick  Telephone Area Code: +61 (Country) 8 (State)


Interesting Facts

Tick  Largest amount of mineral deposits in the world.

Tick  Mount Augustus is the largest rock in the world. 8000m long, 3000m wide and 377m high.

Tick  The northern waters are home to the largest fish in the world - the Whale Shark at up to 13m long.

Tick  Some of the best and largest surfing waves in the world can be found near Margaret River.

Tick  The highest standard of housing in the world. 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom homes with swimming pools are common.

Tick  Has more cars and road space per capita than any other place in the world.

Tick  Broome is the pearling capital of the world.

Tick  The Busselton Jetty is the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere.

Tick  The Ningaloo Reef is the largest coral reef (stretching 260 km in length) that you can walk to directly from the beach.

Tick  Burger King is known as "Hungry Jack's" with the same logo's and style with one exception, the "Aussie Burger" which features, Beetroot, Egg, Bacon, Onions, Tomato and Lettuce. It's a really big burger...

Tick  Telethon, held once a year on TV station Channel 7, is the most successful in the world, raising more money per capita than any other similar event in the world.