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Pemberton Western Australia

With it's pristine beauty and majestic forests, this former timber mill town, now tourism attraction is surrounded by towering forest that will uplift your spirit. An enchanting Karri and Jarrah forest, found nowhere else in the world.

At a Glance

Another noticeable fact, is there are more grapevines growing in the Pemberton area than the famous Margaret RiverWine Region nearby.

Pemberton Western Australia

Where is Pemberton?


Pemberton is 335 kilometres south of Perth.

Pemberton is an inland town situated in the Southern Forests area of Australia's South West tourist region. Pemberton is surrounded by state forest and is also fairly near to the coastline of the Southern Ocean. Located on the Vasse Highway from Busselton and Nannup. One of the best ways to get to Pemberton is to hire a car from Perth Airport.

Pemberton Western Australia

Things to see in Pemberton


Gloucester Tree

Named after the Duke of Gloucester, who visited the tree while it was being pegged, is the tallest fire-lookout tree in the world. This magnificent Karri Tree is over 60 metres in height and offers 360 degree views over the surrounding hinterland. Very stunning but not for the faint hearted.

Gloucester Tree Pemberton

Image © Tourism Western Australia


Towering Forests

Dubbed Karri Country, Jarrah and Marri Trees also feature in the dense vegetation around Pemberton. Walking along trails through the dense under-storey beneath the towering trees is all at once an uplifting experience. Many species of native Australian wildlife can be seen.

Towering Forests Pemberton

Image © Tourism Western Australia


Beedelup Falls

Hidden away inside the Beedelup National Park is another example of the stunning beauty that this forest yields. The Falls are accessible on foot which includes crossing a suspension bridge over Beedelup Brook. The path leads to a viewing platform above the falls. 

Beedelup Falls Pemberton

Image © Tourism Western Australia


Yeagarup Dunes

Located on the coast, these dunes make the beach and mouth of the Warren River accessible by 4WD vehicles only. Marvel at the strange contrast of sand, edging onto pristine forest, and spend time exploring the surrounding coastal area which offers breathtaking scenery.

Yeagarup Dunes Pemberton

Image © Tourism Western Australia

What's the weather like?


The temperate climate of Pemberton gives life to the temperate forests surrounding the town. High rainfall allows local trees to grow up to 80m high! Hot summers, with cool evenings are followed by wet winters. A climate similar to the cooler regions of North America and Europe. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 26°C with an average minimum temperature of 13°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 15°C with an average minimum temperature of 7°C.

Get to know Pemberton's history


Settled by Edward Brockman, in 1861. Brockman decided that the area was ideal for breeding horses. He managed to establish a successful business in the area. The town was officially named after Pemberton Walcott who arrived in the area in 1862 and departed two years later.

Initial settlement was slow. The village was founded in 1911 and proclaimed a town the following year. It wasn¹t until a sawmill was established in 1913, with an order to supply half a million railway sleepers for the Trans­Australian Railway, that Pemberton flourished.

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