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Experience staying at Geraldton Waldorf Apartments

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Geraldton Western Australia

Situated in the heart of the Coral Coast, offering a near-perfect lifestyle year-round. Ample entertainment, shopping, fishing and some world accredited sporting facilities, it is the regional hub for the region's industry and serves as the only deep water port on this stretch of coast.

At a Glance

A great location for quality rock lobster fishing, a world leader in this area due to pristine surrounding waters.

Geraldton Western Australia

Where is Geraldton?


Geraldton is 424 kilometres north of Perth.

Geraldton is situated on the west coast of Australia's Coral Coast tourist region. Geraldton faces west to the Indian Ocean on a small peninsula and is one of Western Australia's major deep water ports and largest city in the region. The Abrolhos Islands are close offshore. One of the best ways to get to Geraldton is hiring a car from Perth Airport, or flying to Geraldton airport.

Geraldton Western Australia

Things to see in Geraldton


Abrolhos Islands

A formation of 122 islands located just 64 kilometres from Geraldton. Home to the southern most coral reefs in the world, the waters of the islands are home to one of the most diverse bird and marine populations in the world. One of the best diving and deep sea fishing areas in Australia.
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Abrolhos Islands Geraldton

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Coastal Scenery

Just north of Geraldton, you can find awesome coastal cliffs. Observe the surf pounding into the rocky shore and also the hundreds of native Australian birds which call the cliffs home. Great fishing is also available, although caution should be taken when seas are rough.

Coastal Scenery Geraldton

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Any visitors to the area should be amazed at the colours and diversity of the local flora. With over 2000 different species in this area alone, with the most common being Kangaroo Paw and Everlastings. The bright blooms and unique aroma of the wildflowers will leave many people fascinated. 

Wildflowers Geraldton

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As a rather windy city, Geraldton's coastline offers a great venue for windsurfing. The sport is highly encouraged in the city with ample equipment available for purchase or hire. Lessons can also be taken for those of you who want to try this for the first time.

Windsurfing Geraldton

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Museum of Geraldton

Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the Museum of Geraldton celebrates the rich heritage of the land, sea and people of the Mid West region.You'll discover ancient landforms, Yamaji history and culture, and the region’s unique natural landscapes and marine environment. You can witness the wrecks of HMAS Sydney (II) and HSK Kormoran as they currently lie, 2,500 metres deep on the ocean floor, in From Great Depths, a moving exhibit and 3D film. View more details

Museum of Geraldton

Image © Government of Western Australia

What's the weather like?


Experiencing a Mediterranean climate, Geraldton has very pleasant weather. Rainfall in the region is lower, because the cold front's of the south do not pass high enough to reach Geraldton and the town is not affected by cyclones. This has given the city the nickname Sun City. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 32°C with an average minimum temperature of 17°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 22°C with an average minimum temperature of 12°C.

Get to know Geraldton's history


The name Geraldton is derived from Charles Fitzgerald, the governor of the state at the time. The town was surveyed in 1850 and in the years that followed, the surrounding hinterland was settled by farmers.

In 1857, Geraldton became a short lived convict settlement. but it was not until the 1890s when it became the major port for the Murchison gold rushes, did major growth occur.

Looking for visitor and tourist information, maps and brochures, booking assistance and local expert tips in Geraldton? Check out the Geraldton Visitor Centre!