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Walpole Western Australia

Picturesquely situated on the tranquil waters of the Walpole Inlet and the only place in the South West Region where Karri Forest grows right down to the sea, almost paddling into the waves.

At a Glance

Surrounded entirely by national park, the amount of dense forest provides a lovely sense of isolation and remoteness. Activities include canoeing along the river and walking trails under the forest canopy. You can now walk among the canopy at the famous Tree Top Walk.

Walpole Western Australia

Where is Walpole?


Walpole is 420 kilometres south of Perth.

Walpole is situated on the south coast of Australia's South West tourist region. Walpole faces south to the Southern Ocean and is on the shores of the magnificent Walpole Inlet. The Frankland River meanders and flows into to the ocean near Walpole. One of the best ways to get to Walpole is to hire a car from Perth Airport.

Walpole Western Australia

Things to see in Walpole


Tree Top Walk

A half hour drive drive from Walpole is the world's longest and highest tree-top walkway at over 600 metres long and up to 40 metres high. The international award winning walkway gives a unique perspective into forest canopy life, meandering through the upper branches of these giant Tingle and Karri trees. View more details

Tree Top Walk Walpole

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The Ancient Empire

This is a boardwalk that winds itself around the giant trees that give this forest it's name. There are plenty of retreats and stops along the way so that you may marvel at the grandeur and power of nature around you. The boardwalks are located at the same site as the Tree Top Walk. View more details

The Ancient Empire Walpole

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Nornalup Inlet

Fed by the Beautiful Frankland River, the placid waters provide excellent recreational facilities. Ferry trips and houseboat holidays are desirable options. Many walking trails and lookouts will give you a great sense of the landscape and you will be able to spot Dolphins and Birdlife.

Nornalup Inlet Walpole

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Mandalay Beach

A rewarding coastal experience with this beautiful beach and rock headlands. Visitors can relax at this sweeping and uncrowded beach, which has sparkling blue water and beautiful coastal bushland. The ominous Chatham Island with it's sandy slopes can be seen out to sea.

Mandalay Beach Walpole

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What's the weather like?


The temperate climate of Walpole gives life to the temperate forests surrounding the town. High rainfall grows trees up to 80m high. Hot summers, with cool evenings are followed by wet winters. A climate similar to the cooler regions of America and Europe. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 26°C with an average minimum temperature of 13°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 15°C with an average minimum temperature of 7°C.

Get to know Walpole's history


The Dutch originally explored the coastline near Walpole in the 1600s but did not think to explore inland behind the barren coastline. The Walpole River was discovered by Captain Bannister in 1831. The area was finally settled in 1910 by the Pierre Bellanger and by the 1930's many people moved here with the help of the Nornalup Land Settlement Scheme. On April 5, 1933 the establishment was named Nornalup but due to protest about the name was changed to Walpole in 1934.

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