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Frequently Asked Questions Western Australia

Western Australia is a big state and for most people, far away from Home. So it pays to be informed. We have gathered answers to most of the most common queries about WA. We are locals and so have extensive knowledge of WA to share. If you have a question that isn't covered on this list, ask us! We are available by e-mail or our through our help desk.

How Do I List My Business With WA Holiday Guide?

If you operate a tourism business in Western Australia, we have a submission page for you to add your business details. Our annual fee is $300.00 + $33.00 GST ($330.00 in total) and we also offer an affordable video production package from $550.00.   

What Are The Major Car Hire Brands In Western Australia?

Currently we offer online booking via external booking engines for the major car hire brands in Australia like Avis and more. We also offer external online booking links for Wicked Campers. You can also compare for the best rates across different brands at Drive Now.

You can also search for your preferred car hire operators by clicking on the car hire tab in the main menu.

Be safe when driving in Western Australia, here is a map that shows locations that can be prone to traffic accidents in WA, so pay special attention when driving in these areas!

What Are The Largest Hotels In Western Australia?

The largest and most presitigous hotel complex in Western Australia is Crown Perth which includes Crown Metropol, Crown Promenade and the soon to be constructed Crown Towers Perth. Other big brand Hotels include Four Points by Sheraton, Abbey Beach Resort, Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa and El Questro Wilderness Park Accommodation. You can browse most hotel motel resort accommodation in Western Australia on

What Is The Elizabeth Quay Project In Perth?

Elizabeth Quay is Perth's new waterfront project that aims to reconnect the city with the Swan River as it historically was in the early days of the settlement. Elizabeth Quay Perth will include hundreds of new Perth City apartment accommodation, offices, restaurants and shops all surrounding a new inlet, lined with boardwalks, landscaping and terraces. Conveniently located next to the Esplanade Train Station and the Perth Convention And Exhibition Centre, the new waterside development will add to the city experience that Perth has to offer and complement existing attractions such as Kings Park and the Belltower (Swan Bells). Elizabeth Quay opens in 2015.

How Do I Spell Accommodation?

Accommodation is a word which is not spelt correctly by most people. Common variations include accomadation, accomodation, acommodation and acomadation. The easiest way to remember how to spell accommodation is that the word contains 2 c's and 2 m's.

When Are School Holidays In Western Australia?


Autumn - 3 April to 19 April
Winter - 4 July to 19 July
Spring - 26 September to 11 October
Summer - 18 December to 31 January

Autumn - 9 to 25 April
Winter - 2 to 17 July
Spring - 24 September to 9 October
Summer - 16 December to 1 February

When Are Public Holidays In Western Australia


New Year's Day - Tuesday 1 January
Australia Day - Monday 26 January
Labour Day - Monday 2 March
Good Friday - Friday 3 April
Easter Monday - Monday 6 April
ANZAC Day - Saturday 25 April & Monday 27 April
Western Australia Day - Monday 1 June
Queen's Birthday - Monday 28 September
Christmas Day - Friday 25 December
Boxing Day - Saturday 26 December 


New Year's Day - Tuesday 1 January
Australia Day - Tuesday 26 January
Labour Day - Monday 7 March
Good Friday - Friday 25 March
Easter Monday - Monday 28 March
ANZAC Day - Monday 25 April
Foundation Day - Monday 6 June
Queen's Birthday - Monday 26 September
Christmas Day - Sunday 25 December
Boxing Day - Monday 26 December
Boxing Day Holiday - Tuesday 27 December

What Are The State Emblems Of Western Australia?

The floral emblem is the Kangaroo Paw, a low shrub with the flowering stem reaching about a metre in height with large flowers at its crown. The stem of the flower is clothed with woolly hairs of a deep red or purple colour while the hairs on the flowers are of a metallic green with the base the same colour as the stem. The shape resembles that of a Kangaroo's paw.

The Faunal Bird emblem is the Black Swan, a water bird featuring black and brown feathers with pure white flight quills. The beak is bright red which makes the bird a striking and beautiful sight. The bird's voice is a musical honk.

Our Faunal Animal Emblem is the Numbat, which is a marsupial with a small, long snout, it's fur coloured reddish brown with white hairs feauturing several prominent white and black bands. The tail is often carried erect with the hair fluffed out. Western Australia's government coat of arms also features a Kangaroo and Emu. You may like to discover the emblems of WA by joining a western australia wildflowers & wildlife tour

How Can I Get To Western Australia?

Fly to Perth Airport with most major airlines. Many carriers have code sharing with other major airlines allowing quick connectivity. Access is also available through Broome Airport and Kalgoorlie Airport. Services from Darwin are also provided by Air North. You can arrive by Train on the Indian Pacific from Sydney via Adelaide. Drive across the Nullarbor or from the Northern Territory. Cruise Shps dock at Port Hedland, Exmouth, Geraldton, Fremantle (Perth) Bunbury and Albany.

What Driver's License Do I Need To Drive In Western Australia?

You can hire a car in Western Australia and drive on the roads as long as you have a drivers license issued in English from your country of origin. If you do not have an English language Driver's License then you need to apply for an International Licence before you travel to Western Australia. Many car hire companies will only rent to persons aged 21 and above. 

Road rules in Western Australia are very similar to most places in the world. We drive on the left hand side. Wearing seatbelts is compulsory in law.

What Is The Legal Drinking Age In Western Australia?

Persons aged 18 years or older are permitted to drink alcohol at licensed outlets and may also buy alcohol from liquor stores. Identification must be produced if asked by a person in authority at a venue or in a shop where alcohol is consumed or sold. Buying or supplying alcohol for consumption by persons aged under 18 is illegal.

What Time Zone is Western Australia?

Western Australia is +8 GMT which means Perth is 8 hours ahead of London and 2 hours behind Sydney. Western Australia does not have daylight savings which may alter the times between December and March each year. Western Australia is on the same time zone as Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai, making business with much of Asia very easy.

What Currency Does Western Australia Use?

The currency of Western Australia is the Australian Dollar. The currency is floating, which means that the value of an Australian Dollar can change with the market at any given time. The Australian Currency is issued in polymer notes in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 and coins including 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2. Australian coins and notes are easy to identify and understand by visitors and is an easy currency to use.

Can I Work In Western Australia?

All overseas visitors must obtain a working holiday visa to be able to engage in any paid activities while in Western Australia. If you are under 30 the agricultural or tourist industries will welcome you on a 417 visa. We recommend consulting a travel agency or a migration agency before you leave for your visit. Google the following terms for various websites that can assist you: "careers passport australia", " workstay australia", "go workabout", "work enjoy australia", "willing workers on organic farms".

Why Should I Book With WA Holiday Guide?

We are locals! Based in Western Australia's Capital City of Perth, WA Holiday Guide exists because we love Western Australia and want you to see why. We are members of the Tourism Council Of Western Australia, the Visitor Centre Association Of Western Australia and are committed to providing excellent service. Your online booking is handled by people in the location that you are visiting. Through our WA Visitor Centre Partners, all WA Holiday Guide bookings are on file in the Visitor Centre of the town in which your booking is based so if there are any problems, you can enquire about your booking in person while on holiday.  

Does Western Australia Have Wireless Internet?

There are many free wifi zones across Perth and in most urban areas of Western Australia. The mobile phone network has 3G and limited 4G capabilities so you will be able to buy a local SIM card and have access. Most cafe's have free wifi as do all public libraries. The City Of Perth has a free wifi zone throughout the central business district. Most shopping centres have internet access kiosks.

What Is A Visitor Centre?

Visitor Centres are highly developed in Australia. Uniquely, Western Australian towns have a dedicated "shop" available that is staffed by locals who know everything about the area. Visitor Centres are a great place to book accommodation, car hire and tours, pick up a map, brochure or guide or just get some friendly advice. WA Holiday Guide has partnered with over 20 Visitor Centres in Western Australia to deliver our online booking facilities. When you book online with WA Holiday Guide, your booking is sent to the local Visitor Centre in that area that you are visiting. Your booking is processed by someone who is at that location to ensure that all details are properly reviewed and you can also make enquiries about your booking with someone in person when you arrive. It is a great point of difference and a great reason to book your WA Holiday with WA Holiday Guide and the local Visitor Centre.

When Are The Seasons In Western Australia?

Summer is from December To February. Autumn (Fall) is from March to May. Winter is from June to August and Spring is from September to November. Summers are typically dry and hot with occassional thunderstorms and winters are wet and windy with lengty fine breaks. The north of the state has a more tropical climate with wet and humid Summer and dry and mild Winter.

What Is The Capital City Of Western Australia?

Perth is the capital City Of Western Australia. Situated on the banks of the Swan River and on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Perth City is Australia's sunniest capital city receiving an average of 8 hours sunlight per day. Perth was founded in 1829 and has a population of around 1.75 million people. Perth has a bustling port precinct known as Fremantle. The City Of Perth is currently enjoying an economic and development boom with one of the highest levels of migration and population growth in Australia. The state government is investing in new infrastructure such as the Perth Arena indoor stadium, Elizabeth Quay Perth waterfront development and a new stadium. Investment is also being input into the hotel, office and retail sectors with many of the world's most exclusive brands such as Tiffanys opening in Perth. Perth also now has 7 day trading which means that shops are open every day including late night on most weekdays.

What Are Some Slang Terms Used By WA Locals?

When you arrive in Western Australia, our friendly locals may use some words that you are not familiar with, however we're sure that after a few days you will pick up our interesting and unique lingo. The most common to start with is "G'Day" which is a short version of "good day" and is a greeting such as hello. If someone agrees to do something for you or agrees in general they may say "no worries". Most people in Western Australia will also call you "mate" which is an indearing term used to convey a hospitable and welcoming bond between two people. Don't be afraid to ask a local what they mean as you will often get a quick friendly lesson with a smile. You'll be saying g'day, no worries and mate in no time!