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Kambalda Western Australia

An interesting town, supported by Nickel mining. Down-to-earth locals will make you feel welcome. It's hot out here and the locals love it.

At a Glance

Have a beer, eat sausages from a BBQ, sit down and watch a desert sunset surrounded by natural attractions such as the local salt lake, Lake Lefroy, where you can enjoy the thrill of some land sailing.

Kambalda Western Australia


Where is Kambalda?


Kambalda is 635 kilometres north-east of Perth.

Kambalda is an inland town situated in the Goldfields area of Australia's Golden Outback tourist region. Kambalda is at the site of Western Australia's first gold rush period of the 1870's. On a major route to Australia's eastern states. One of the best ways to get to Kambalda is to hire a car from Perth Airport.

Kambalda Western Australia


Things to see in Kambalda


Lake Lefroy

A magnificent salt lake which stands out from the surrounding area by its pure white, gleaming colour and extreme lack of vegetation. For a great view of this dry lake, take a walk up to Red Hill Lookout and marvel at the vastness of the landscape from the viewing platform.


Land Sailing

Land Sailing upon Lake Lefroy is an awesome feeling. Strapped into a land yacht, sailors can achieve speeds up to 100 kilometres per hour using the hot desert winds that roll over the vegetation free salt lake. Definately worth a go for those of you who love adrenaline sports.


Kambalda Memorial Garden

A beautiful garden which is carefully tended to and bursts with native Australian wildflowers and also traditional blooms. Also a great way to meet locals who organise walking trips of nearby areas between 6 - 8 kilometres in duration to discover the native Australian flora and fauna. 


What's the weather like?


Kambalda has a semi-arid climate and receives little rainfall, the reason so many dry salt lakes surround the town. Vegetation is in the form of scrubland and tall trees are hard to find. In Summer, temperatures soar, however at night temperatures can be cold in contrast to the heat of the day. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 38°C with an average minimum temperature of 22°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 12°C with an average minimum temperature of 5°C.


Get to know Kambalda's history


Percy Larkin found gold in 1887 and Kambalda was born. The Red Hill Gold Mine was relatively short-lived however and was closed by 1907 and the small settlement had become a ghost town. The town has enjoyed steady growth in recent history and is now divided into 2 sections, Kambalda East and Kambalda West. Kambalda East, built between 1967-73, is the older of the two centres while Kambalda West is a very recent development.

Renewed interest in the area occurred in 1954 when George Cowcill took samples of what he thought was uranium. Subsequent analysis found significant deposits of nickel and by 1966 Western Mining Corporation had established Australia's first nickel mine. It is fair to describe Kambalda as Australia's first nickel mining towns.