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Avon Valley Western Australia

Avon Valley, home to the earliest inland settlements in WA and amazing natural sights.

At a Glance

The Avon Valley region is the perfect destination for those who enjoy the country vibe. Full of beautiful green hills, gentle streams, picturesque scenery and historic towns, this region is a comfortable drive from Perth City just short of 2 hours. Driving is one of the best way to explore Avon Valley, as most towns are only about 30 minutes drive from each other; at the same time, you will be rewarded by the amazing view along your way.

Historically, Avon Valley was an agricultural region. As such, you can still find fresh local produces being served by local cafe and restaurants. Apart from that, the history of the region is also showcased through their many heritage listed buildings with architectural styles of old, giving you an authentic and rustic holiday experience.

There are endless options of what you can do in the region as well as festivals and events being held all year long. Perhaps the most notable is the Avon Descent, a 124 km race held on the rapids every August.

Avon Valley Western Australia

Where is Avon Valley?


Avon Valley is approximately 100 kilometres east of Perth.

Avon Valley stretches from north to south from New Norcia all the way down to Brookton. The region includes also Toodyay, Northam, York, Goomalling and Beverley among other towns, most of which can be reached in less than 2 hours of driving. One of the best ways to get to York is to hire a car from Perth Airport.

Avon Valley Western Australia

Things to see in Avon Valley


Historic Towns

The Avon Valley region is full of rich and interesting history. Its history began when Ensign Robert Dale set off beyond the Darling Range in search of fertile land. Avon Valley then became the site of few of the oldest inland settlement in WA. This heritage is well reflected in many of the towns in the region in their colonial architectural style. The few most notable towns here are York, Northam, Toodyay, and New Norcia; each offering a different and distinct experience.

Historic Towns Avon Valley

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Chittering Valley

The Chittering Valley, located on the northern side of the valley, can be considered the ‘food bowl’ of the region. Rich in farms, wineries, eateries and picturesque landscapes, the Chittering Valley is the perfect place to have a good day trip while at the Avon Valley. Just sit back and sample the freshest of local fresh produces while having a relaxing walk along the road side. A good time to have a taste extravaganza would be August, where the annual ‘A Taste of Chittering’ festival is held.

Chittering Valley Avon Valley

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Avon Valley From The Air

Avon Valley is known to be extremely scenic. Endless stretches of green countryside view, rolling hills, flowing rivers and quaint towns give the region an amazing aerial view. Perhaps you have been on many flights, but hitting the sky on a hot air balloon, that’s extraordinary. In Northam, you get a chance to go on an adventure on a hot air balloon to admire the beauty of the region from up high with Join the team at either Windward Balloon Adventures or Liberty Balloon Flights. Many say that the spectacular morning fogs are not to be missed.

Hot Air Balloon Flight Avon Valley

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Festivals and Events

Avon Valley is known to be a Festival Region, and is home to many events throughout the year. One of the most popular is the Avon Descent where hundreds race down the rapid. Other notable festivals include the Taste of Chittering, Avon River Festival, York Motorcycle Festival, The York Festival, Brookton Old Time Motor Show, Moondyne Festival and more.

Festivals and Events Avon Valley

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What's the weather like?


Most towns in the Avon Valley experiences similar Mediterranean climate despite being geographically spread out. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 34°C with an average minimum of 18°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 18°C with an average minimum of 5°C.

Get to know Avon Valley's history


Avon Valley stretches across a huge distance and encompasses several towns with varying culture and history such as York, Northam, Beverley, Toodyay and more.

As the population of the Swan River Settlement grew in 1829, fertile farmlands were needed to support the population, prompting exploration for suitable farmlands. Ensign Robert Dale was assigned to make the first journey over the Darling Ranges to areas which are now known as the Avon Valley.

Today, the oldest inland settlements in WA such as York and Northam still stand and are tourism hotspots for those who appreciate the beautiful scenery there.