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Didier Walks proudly and passionately is focused on the extraordinary benefits of hiking. Whether your goal is to see hiking as your passion or a path to assist you to manage your life in a better way, we can assist you on your path. Extraordinary Experiences Extraordinary experiences arrive through an open awaren... view more info

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For assistance with your booking call 1300 885 775 (+61 8 9460 4900)



Didier Walks offers specialist youth hiking, wellness, mental health and disability programs. We are an affiliated Partner with the Duke Of Edinburgh Award WA and work with NDIS participants.

Didier offers over 15 years of mentoring and 2000 km plus of solo hiking experience.

"The benefits of hiking are so extraordinary, the scenery is a bonus" - Didier

Cancellation Policy

We understand plans can change, so here are our conditions and policies


All services on this website are planned and run by Didier Walks (ABN 67 658 838 920). During hikes & meetings we will come in contact with or use the services of external parties such as Zoom cafe/restaurant meals transport workers on the trail and the public. Didier Walks does not accept liability for the actions or service standards of these external persons.


To run for your our safety and peace of mind:

Public Liability $ 10’000 000 and Professional Indemnity Insurances
Commercial Operators License with the DBCA Department Of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions
Tourism Council WA annual reviews and affiliation
Current first-aid certificate
Current Working With Children Check

For safer & easier booking management Didier Walks uses Xola Tour Booking Software.


Didier Walks requires a completed online booking form and a non-refundable booking deposit to confirm your booking. Your deposit is used towards planning pre-hike meetings and support costs for your hike. Bookings made within 30 days of departure will require payment in full at the time of booking.

Your deposit has no expiry date and if we are notified at least 30 days before departure it can be transferred to any other Didier Walks hike subject to availability.


A person/organisation/business making a group booking is presumed to have authority from other group members to act on their behalf. We reserve the right to refuse to accept a booking based on the information revealed to us. If you are unsure about your suitability for your preferred trip please ask.


The balance of money owed will be due 30 days before departure. If payment is not received you will forfeit your deposit and place on the hike.


All prices are per person and are currently not subject to GST.


Cancellations must be received in writing from the booking email address. Cancellations take effect subject to the following:

If cancellation takes place more than 30 days before your departure date you have the option to transfer your non-refundable booking deposit to another Didier Walks hike subject to availability.

If cancellation takes place less than 30 days before your departure date 100% of the monies you have paid will be forfeited (this includes your non-refundable deposit and your balance payment).


If advised more than 30 days before departure you can transfer your deposit to any other Didier Walks hike subject to availability. Transfers take effect subject to the following:

Transfer requests must be made at least 30 days before your hike date.

Transfer requests must be made in writing.

Be aware that the hike you transfer to may cost more.

If your notice is received less than 30 days before your original departure date no transfer is possible and 100% of monies paid will be forfeited as per our cancellation policy.


Inclusions are listed on each product page. Changes may occur prior to or during activity due to circumstances out of our control. At the discretion of Didier Walks to improve the participant experience.


The minimum and maximum numbers of participants are chosen after considering age terrain length and abilities.

Guided hikes require minimum numbers to operate and this varies from a hike to hike. (Duke Of Edinburgh Award has minimum peer number requirements)

We may elect at our discretion to operate hikes with small numbers. If numbers are deficient we may also select to run the trip with just one guide. All participants will be notified of changes.


Alcohol/Drugs – Under no circumstances is any alcohol or any non-prescribed drug brought onto the program.
Smoking – Smoking is not permitted during the hikes.
Flora & Fauna – Didier Walks follows the 7 Leave No Trace Principals. Picking flora is illegal.
First Aid – A Guide on the hike will possess current Senior First Aid qualifications and will carry with them a first aid kit and administer first aid when required. All participants are required to have their first-aid kit.
Suppose a participant needs to be evacuated from the program for medical reasons. In that case it is the person’s responsibility designated as the “emergency contact” on the participant’s booking information to provide transportation from in the opinion of the Logistics person the most convenient access point.
Didier Walks reserves the right to exclude a participant from a program if in the opinion of the Head Guide the health or behaviour of the participant creates too great a risk of deterioration during the program.
Swimming – (All hikes that encounter water will be announced at the advertisement and booking). Didier Walks takes great care near water; decisions will be made due to a change of conditions near or in the water. Swimming is never part of a hiking program; any participant who decides to enter water do so at their own risk.

Didier Walks will offer group or individual hike preparation sessions either in person or via Zoom. On occasions Didier Walks will make the participation of a preparation session a condition before the commencement of the hike due to its difficulty level or assessment of the participant.


Didier Walks offers a range of hikes that require different levels of fitness and mental stamina. It is at the discretion of Didier Walks that a participant is asked to provide a physical and/or mental medical clearance prior to the hike. This is only requested with the safety of the participant and group in mind. Most hikes even though not far from a town are remote and inaccessible by public vehicles.

It is vital that we are informed of any medical condition that may affect the participant’s ability to complete the hike. Consult your GP before your tour if you have any pre-existing medical conditions which may affect you whilst on tour.


Didier Walks are committed to every person’s safety and will continue to develop our operating procedures to maintain an excellent safety record and to manage as much as possible all risks inherent in any of our programs. All the hiking activities that you are participating in (including prior hike briefing transport to/from the trailhead and on the trail) will involve some risk of injury or even death.

Generally these risks may include but are not limited to: –

Falls (maybe due to rough terrain or inexperience)
Injuries to joints or back (maybe from carrying heavyweight)
Aggravation of existing medical conditions due to the isolated environment or physical activity
Burns (maybe from cooking stoves or campfires)
Injuries sustained due to equipment failure.
Drowning (All hikes that encounter water will be announced at the time of the advertisement and booking)
Exposure to dangerous weather conditions (extreme heat extreme cold storm activity)
I have read the preceding risk warning and accepted the risks involved in participating in all activities.

I agree on behalf of myself and my heirs executors and assignees to release Didier Walks and persons from all claims actions suits and demands from loss or injury to myself or my dependants arising from participation in the activity.

By participating I agree to abide by all express or implied terms and conditions.


The applicant acknowledges that Didier Walks will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property brought on to the program. Should any claim be made for such loss or damage to property owned by any person associated with the applicant or any person or body corporate related to such person the applicant will indemnify Didier Walks in respect of all such claims.


During a hike Didier Walks may take photographs and video of any participant that may then be used for the following media: the internet (including social media websites); newspapers newsletters brochures or other print media; television or other visual media; and any other promotional material.

Didier Walks will always do its best to control photography and video and always encourage everyone to seek permission but cannot take responsibility for other people’s actions. Didier Walks takes everyone’s privacy seriously including participants other members of the public and guides.


We are human first; we strongly encourage you to speak to Didier directly concerning any of the above conditions as soon as you are aware of a potential issue.





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