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Kalbarri Western Australia

The jewel in the crown of the Coral Coast, surrounded by one of WA's most beautiful National Parks. With ocean to the west featuring soaring coastal cliffs and with the Murchison River winding it's way through town, it's great spot for a relaxing Australian holiday.

At a Glance

Canoe along the river, hike the river gorge, fish, surf or just catch some sun.

Kalbarri Western Australia

Where is Kalbarri?


Kalbarri is 589 kilometres north of Perth.

Kalbarri is situated on the west coast of Australia's Coral Coast tourist region. Kalbarri faces west to the Indian Ocean on a rugged stretch of coastline. The Murchison River flows through Kalbarri with a major river mouth at the ocean. Deep gorges also follow the river's route. One of the best ways to get to Kalbarri is to hire a car from Perth Airport.

Kalbarri Western Australia

Things to see in Kalbarri


Murchison River

Home to almost 200 species of birds including Sea and Wedge-Tailed Eagles. Hundreds of Black Swans also breed in the shallow pools. At it's mouth the river priovides a wonderful playground on the foreshore of the Kalbarri townsite. An ideal place to enjoy a more relaxing holiday.

Murchison River Kalbarri

Image © Tourism Western Australia


Nature's Window

Located in the heart of the Kalbarri National Park is this amazing and unique rock arch. Situated on the edge of a rather large cliff, the natural rock window provides a spectacular scene to view or photograph the river, 150 metres below. The feature has become an iconic symbol of Kalbarri.

Nature's Window Kalbarri

Image © Greg Snell


Spectacular Gorges

The rugged terrain of the Murchison River has carved deep gorges into the landscape. Coloured with vivid red rock contrasting with the lush green foliage of the vegetation and streaked with the blue waters of the river, these attributes combine to provide a really beautiful scene. 

Spectacular Gorges Kalbarri

Image © Australia's Coral Coast


Coastal Scenery

The coastal landscape at Kalbarri is shaped by a magnificent 13 kilometre stretch of coastal cliffs. Nature trails lead you along the coastal dunes to observe unique natural formations such as Mushroom Rock, Pot Alley, Eagle Gorge, Island Rock and The Natural Bridge.

Coastal Scenery Kalbarri

Image © Australia's Coral Coast


Kalbarri Skywalk

Enjoy a spectacular view of the magnificent Murchison Gorge from high above at Kalbarri Skywalk! Kalbarri Skywalk is a newly-built set of skywalks that is perched 100m high on the clifftop overlooking the beautiful Murchison Gorge with its iconic red cliffs and bushland.

Coastal Scenery Kalbarri

Image © Park and Wildlife Service

What's the weather like?


Experiencing a Mediterranean climate which is almost sub-tropical, Kalbarri has pleasant weather all year. Rainfall in the region is less than it's nearest cities such as Geraldton and it is hard to find a resident who owns an umbrella! The weather is perfect for a holiday resort town. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 35°C with an average minimum temperature of 16°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 21°C with an average minimum temperature of 9°C.

Get to know Kalbarri's history


In 1839 Lieutenant George Grey, while attempting to explore North West Cape, was shipwrecked near the mouth of the Murchison. He was forced to walk back 500km to Perth and thus became the first white explorer to travel along the coastal strip of the Central West.

The area was settled intermittently through the late 19th century by miners and fishermen and in 1848 the Geraldine lead mine was opened up. Still, as recently as 1943, there were only a few crayfishermen living in the area and the township, was known simply as 'The Mouth of the Murchison'. The name of Kalbarri is derived from a local Aboriginal word which means 'seed'.

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