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Broome Western Australia

This town is a secret paradise on the shores of the Indian Ocean. As the pearling capital of the world, the town has two major trades, pearling and tourism. The world's largest pearl oyster shell was discovered in Broome's Roebuck Bay in 1861, and the town literally owes it's existence to this discovery.

At a Glance

Boasting dozens of amazing attractions, in particular Cable Beach, with it's tropical blue water, Broome is a beautiful town.

Broome Western Australia

Where is Broome?


Broome is 2250 kilometres north-east of Perth.

Broome is situated on the northern coast of Australia's North West tourist region. Broome faces the Timor Sea and Indian Ocean and is on the shores of Roebuck Bay on a large peninsula. Broome is one of the largest cities in the region and has an International Airport. Take a tour with Australian Pinnacle Tours to experience all the natural wonders Broome encompasses. One of the best ways to get to Broome is hiring a car from Perth Airport, or flying to Broome airport. Once at Broome, a great way to get around is to hire a bike with Broome Cycles or the fun and easy Broome Explorer Bus.

Broome Western Australia

Things to see in Broome


Cable Beach

One of the most stunning beaches on the planet, stretching over 22km, with pure white sands and tropical blue waters, washed clean by daily tides. Camel Trains frequent the beach, offering rides for visitors. Watching the sun set over this beach every night of your holiday is very uplifting. To book your very own camel ride along Cable Beach, check out Broome Camel Safaris.

Cable Beach Broome

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China Town

Stroll through the bustling hub of Broome where pearl sheds, billiard saloons and Chinese eateries flourished. Still lined with the original iron huts, the precinct is home to some of the world's finest pearl showrooms. Take a break in a cafe filled with the charms of Broome.


Coastal Scenery

The coastline of Australia's North West near Broome is quite breathtaking with notable landmarks including Gantheaume Point with it's dinosaur footprints and Anastacia's Pool. The contrast between the tropical blue water and the pindan coloured rocks lining the shore is a great sight. The coastline is populated by snubfin dolphins and is a hotspot for humpback whales which you can see on a cruise with Broome Whale Watching Charters

Coastal Scenery Broome

Image © Tourism Western Australia


Japanese Cemetery

The final resting place for over 900 Japanese pearl divers, this site is a testimony to the perils of the early pearling days when many divers were lost to the bends or sharks in their search for pearls. Walk through the grounds to find impressive gravestones with Japanese writing.

Japanese Cemetery Broome

Image © Tourism Western Australia


Moontide Distillery

The spirit of Broome. Native botanicals are the essence of our gins and spirits. Provenance, passion and purpose guide us at Moontide Distillery. Knowledge of native and local botanicals gained from those who’ve walked the ancient pindan soils of Broome and the Kimberley have enabled us to crafaft unique flavours within our spirits. Locally sourced Gubiny (Kakadu Plum) and White Berry Bush infuse our spirits as well as native myrtles. Adding complexity and distinction to our gins & spirits are tamarind and mango bought to our shores by seafaring traders. View more details.

Moontide Distillery Broome


What's the weather like?


Broome has a Tropical climate which is relaxing, all year round. The air is usually warm, which heats the ocean or pools for those relaxing day or even night swims. Most rain falls in the wet-season. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 34°C with an average minimum temperature of 26°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 29°C with an average minimum temperature of 16°C.

Tropical Cyclones are a prevalent part of this region between December and April. It is essential that you understand the steps and the procedures in place for Tropical Cyclones when entering this beautiful part of the world.

Get to know Broome's history


Founded by Sir Frederick Napier Broome, on November 27, 1883. The height of the pearling industry was the years before World War 1 when 403 luggers operated out of Broome, however the economy collapsed with the outbreak of war in 1914. The recovery after the war was slow. By the 1930s there were no white pearlfishers and the industry had been effectively taken over by Japanese crews. By 1939 there were only 50 luggers operating in the waters around Broome and the industry was severely depressed.

On 3 March 1942 Broome was attacked by nine Japanese Zero fighters which destroyed 16 flying boats and 7 aircraft on Broome airstrip. It has been estimated that 70 people were killed in the raid. After the war the pearl industry started up again but this time it was with cultured pearls and by 1956 a cultured pearl consortium had been established. By 1980s it was earning over $50 million per annum for Broome.

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