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Margaret River

Margaret River Western Australia

Deep in the South West Region, this is a town a world away from modern day stress. Located between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin on the banks of the Margaret River which the town takes it's namesake.

At a Glance

The premier wine growing, artisan, brewery area of WA. Thousands of surfers also visit town all year to experience huge waves on surf breaks along the coast.


Where is Margaret River?


Margaret River is 280 kilometres south-west of Perth.

Margaret River is an inland town situated near the west coast of Australia's South West tourist region. Margaret River faces west to the Indian Ocean and the Margaret River runs through to the ocean nearby of which the town and the Margaret River Wine Region takes its name. Take a tour with Australian Pinnacle Tours to experience all the natural wonders Margaret River encompasses. One of the best ways to get to Margaret River is to hire a car from Perth Airport or flying to Busselton Margaret River Airport.

Margaret River Western Australia

Things to see in Margaret River


Mammoth Cave

This cave, 21 kilometres south of Margaret River contains fossils dating back over 35 000 years! First recorded by Europeans in 1850, the cave has been open to the public since 1904. The cave has been transformed into a high-tech, self-discovery attraction. The name says it all, the cave is huge. View more details

Mammoth Cave Margaret River

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Surfing breaks

The coastline around Margaret River experiences excellent surfing conditions. World renowned for their size, surfers from around the globe trek here annually in search of Hawaiian style surf, which they often find. Most reef breaks are within easy swimming distance from the shore.

Surfing Breaks Margaret River

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World class wines

World-class vineyards and wineries will tantelise your tastebuds like nowhere else. Responsible for only 1% of Australia's wine production, that small amount contributes 20% to the finest quality wines in Australia! Tours are in ample suppy which allow you to taste these wines. 

World Class Wines Margaret River

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The Margaret River

Trickling through some of the most prestige temperate forest in the world, ferns, palms and Jarrah trees provide a scene like an enchanted forest in which the town of Margaret River is discreetly nestled and feeds into the ocean where the largest surfing waves in Western Australia are found.

The Margaret River

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What's the weather like?


The mediterranean climate is ideal for growing grapes, which produce some of the finest wines Australia has to offer. Buffeted by storms coming in from the ocean in winter, bringing a lot of rainfall, the region enjoys sunshine and clear skies most of the year. A very pleasant, cooler climate. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 32°C with an average minimum temperature of 16°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 19°C with an average minimum temperature of 11°C.

Get to know Margaret River's history


The town and river were named after Margaret Wyche, cousin of John Bussell, founder of Busselton in 1831. There was settlement as early as the 1850s with the area being used for timber cutting from the 1870s. By 1910, the town had a hostel also operating as a Post Office.

After World War I, the town of Margaret River really became established. The Group Settlement Scheme, an attempt to attract migrants to Western Australia and open up the good rural land, attracted settlers to the town and in 1922 over 100 settlers moved into the district.

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