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Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 2pm to 5pm


Experience Australia’s only specialist fish and shark leather tannery. Sit down and relax while you discover how one turns raw fish skins into a unique and exciting leather.

Feel the sensual texture of Barramundi and Snapper, test the robust strength of Shark, and enjoy browsing through the Mermaid Leather studio which has many unique leather goods for sale.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday, 2pm – 5pm. Entry is free.


PHONE: 08 9071 5248



6 Woods street, Esperance WA 6450



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Unique experience and education
An eye opener to what innovated people can do. All credit to this business which turns the scales and skins of sharks, stingrays and fish into works of art, be it useful or decorative. A visit to this factory, or the town craft market shop near the Information Centre is a must for visitors in the Esperance region. In each place we were able to converse freely with highly passionate and dedicated craftspeople. We came away richer for the experience. We appreciate that we now have a few mementos that are unique and useful and are value for money in the true sense.

Absolutely amazing place to visit at least!
Unique in Australia, the only place that works with fish leather. Extremely interesting! And it's not just retail, the host was also providing tones of information about the process and history of this craft!

Very interesting place to visit
Well worth going to have a look at what they are doing with every part of the fish/shark. Super friendly, Very informative, even got a video presented to us. Great to feel all the different types and learn about the process. Highly recommend.