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Lancelin Western Australia

Located on the shores of a large bay with 2 islands and surrounded by extensive sand dunes, the town is a popular venue for windsurfing and rock lobster fishing. The calm waters of the bay are beautiful and water activities dominate the town's leisure activities.

At a Glance

A common break spot for people living in Perth, which means there is usually a high number of visitors on the weekends.

Lancelin Western Australia

Where is Lancelin?


Lancelin is 127 kilometres north of Perth.

Lancelin is situated on the west coast of the Experience Perth tourist region. Lancelin faces west to the Indian Ocean and the local beaches are is protected by several small islands. Massive sandhills surround the town on a remote stretch of coastline just north of Perth. Take a tour with Australian Pinnacle Tours to experience all the natural wonders Lancelin encompasses. One of the best ways to get to Lancelin is hiring a car from Perth Airport.

Lancelin Western Australia

Things to see in Lancelin


Pinnacles Desert

Undoubtably one of Western Australia's most unique and interesting attractions, these remarkable stone monuments are located only 4 kilometres from the beach. The stone rises out of the sandy desert like the remains of an ancient city. For great viewing, visit the area at sunrise or sunset.

Pinnacles Desert Lancelin

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Lancelin is the gateway to Australia's finest windsurfing and is noted on the International Windsurfing Circuit. The winds which roar through the shallow bays off the Indian Ocean are ideal conditions for windsurfing and a day does not go by that the bay is not littered with speeding sailboards.

Windsurfing Lancelin

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Sand Dunes

Nestled directly behind the township of Lancelin, the sand dunes are the largest in the state containing absolutely nothing but pure white sand and no vegetation. They are around 2 kilometres long and provide the perfect spot for sandboarding. A spectacular sight at sunrise or sunset. 

Sandboarding Lancelin

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Fishing and Diving

The waters around Lancelin are teeming with fish due to the large number of reef systems along the coastline. A world renowned dive trail also litters the ocean around Lancelin. Fourteen shipwrecks along the coastline enable fantastic diving. Many species of fish and seals call the area home.

Fishing And Diving Lancelin

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What's the weather like?


With a mediterranean climate, slightly warmer than Perth, Lancelin experiences much of the rainfall Perth receives. Warm in Summer and cold in Winter, the town experiences gusty afternoon sea breezes, providing the ideal setting for world-class windsurfing conditions. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 35°C with an average minimum temperature of 19°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 20°C with an average minimum temperature of 8°C.

Get to know Lancelin's history


Originally explored by the first settlers to Western Australia, activity in the area did not begin until 1928 when a man named John Hopkins made a living out of the good fishing in the area. By 1947 there were several cray-fishing boats operating out of the bay which attracted various settlers to the region.

Officially founded in 1950 as 'Wangaree', the town's name was changed in 1954 to 'Lancelin'. The town steadily grew around the bounty of fish off the coast and being relatively close to Perth was close to a major market.