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Upgrade Your Business Listing - WA Holiday Guide

Your business listing details on WA Holiday Guide are sourced from BookEasy. Bookings and client payments are processed by your local Visitor Centre as part of your membership. You can upgrade your listing to take new direct bookings.

For assistance with your upgrade call 1300 885 775 (+61 8 9460 4900)

What you receive

You have the option to upgrade your WA Holiday Guide page by adding your direct contact details and receiving a priority listing to receive more bookings. Want to know more about what you will get for the upgrade? Read on to find out:

    Tick  Direct contact such as phone numbers, e-mail and website. directlinks

    Tick  Add your social media links such as Facebook and Instagram. socialmedialinks

    Tick  Add a photo grid with direct feed from your Instagram page to attract more likes and follows. socialmediagrid

Ready to upgrade your listing? Click on the button below to start your upgrade.

    Tick  Add a customer enquiry button and contact form.

enquirebutton enquiryform

    Tick  Receive a priority listing to be on top of your category in our directory pages. prioritylisting

Sample Advert Page

Excited to see how your WA Holiday Guide listing will look like? Have a look at a sample listing page here:


What We Charge

Only $550.00 (incl GST) for 12 months upgraded membership, renewed annually.

    Tick  Pay at sign up and receive a $10 discount! An invoice receipt will be provided.

Why Upgrade?

Upgrade your WA Holiday Guide page to receive new bookings from:

    Tick  Customers who don't have a credit card, so can't book and pay online.

    Tick  Customers who are not comfortable using online reservation systems.

    Tick  Customers who need to ask you questions before making their booking.

    Tick  Customers see and interact with listings at the top of the category first.

Some people are simply more confident in making a personal telephone booking or an e-mail booking, rather than an automated online booking.

No commissions are payable for bookings made using your contact details and you control all aspects of client contact, quotation and booking.

Request Your Upgrade

All additional information will be sourced from BookEasy and automatically updated when you make changes with your local Visitor Centre. Click the link below to request your upgrade.