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Yallingup Western Australia

Surrounded with tourist activities including wineries, breweries, world-class restaurants, ancient caves and waves! Surfers flock to this stretch of coast to experience the local reefs which make the ocean come alive.

At a Glance

Free from major development, Yallingup is a small town with pristine wilderness.

Yallingup Western Australia


Where is Yallingup?


Yallingup is 280 kilometres south-west of Perth.

Yallingup is situated on the west coast of Australia's South West tourist region. Yallingup faces west to the Indian Ocean at the tip of Cape Naturaliste in the Margaret River Wine Region. Steep slopes and rocky outcrops characterise the surrounding coastline. One of the best ways to get to Yallingup is to hire a car from Perth Airport.

Yallingup Western Australia


Things to see in Yallingup


Smiths Beach

This beach is one of Western Australia's most accessible, popular and beautiful. Nearby Yallingup Beach is popular with surfers whereas Smiths Beach is quite protected and safe for family outings. The beach has a vivid contrast of blue and green colours. The sand has a lovely light yellow colour.

Smiths Beach Yallingup

Image © Tourism Western Australia


Ngilgi Cave

One of the Cape's most visited attractions, the caves were discovered by Europeans in 1899 and have now been opened to the public including adventure caving and torchlight tours. Observe the one hundred year old stalactites dripping with water, echoing throughout the cave. View more details

Ngilgi Cave Yallingup

Image © Tourism Western Australia


Canal Rocks

An unusual marine rock formation which is spectacular to view during stormy weather as the waves roar through the channel and crash on the rocks. A series of very large, protruding rocks form a natural canal and is one of the most photographed locations in Australia's South West.

Canal Rocks Yallingup

Image © Greg Snell


Coastal Hills

Hundreds of species of wildflowers are found in the hinterland of Yallingup, especially along the coast on the steep hills. Carpets of flowers colour the bush from September to December. Species found here are unique and many trails will lead you to find flowers and great local vantage points of the coast.

Coastal Wildflowers Yallingup

Image © Tourism Western Australia


What's the weather like?


A moderate-mediterranean climate with warm Summers and cool, wet Winters. Buffeted by cold fronts in Winter which bring large swells ideal for surfing. Pleasant weather most of the year. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 30°C with an average minimum temperature of 16°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 17°C with an average minimum temperature of 8°C.


Get to know Yallingup's history


The name of Yallingup is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning 'Place of Love' and has a very short history. The town itself came into being through the discovery of Ngili Caves by Edward Dawson in 1899, who stumbled upon them while searching for missing horses.

The following year he conducted visitors through the cave and the tours became so popular that the Caves House was built to meet the demand for accommodation and the town was born. Electricity was connected to the cave in 1904 and Dawson continued to guide people through the cave until his retirement in 1937.