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Gracetown Western Australia

A quaint little town on the Cowaramup Bay with a peaceful coastal atmosphere, a great place for surfers to surf in peace.

At a Glance

Gracetown is located to the northwest of Margaret River on the Indian Ocean coast. Despite the tourism boom in the area, little has changed in this old fashioned town with simple and lovely beach shanties.

Gracetown is perhaps most known for its peaceful Cowaramup Bay and the world-class surf breaks near the town, attracting both families and surfers.



Where is Gracetown?


Gracetown is 269 kilometres south of Perth.

Gracetown, being a coastal town, lies near the Indian Ocean facing the Cowaramup Bay. Gracetown is flanked by the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park which stretches to the south. One of the best ways to get to Gracetown is to hire a car from Perth Airport.

Gracetown Western Australia


Things to see in Gracetown


Surf Breaks

Gracetown known for its world-class surf breaks, it is where the 2011 and 2015 Oakley Big Waves award winning rides were located. The shape of the two headlands that frame the Cowaramup Bay contributed greatly in forming the North Point and the South Point, both having powerful waves. The Huzzas feature a gentler wave that is more suitable for beginners. A short distance offshore is the Cowaramup Bombora (“Cow Bombie”) surf break, which is one of the biggest surfable waves in Australia.


Cowaramup Bay

Gracetown is sheltered by the stunning Cowaramup Bay which faces north-west to the Indian Ocean. The shape of the bay forms a natural harbour, making the bay one of the few protected swimming spot in the area. The beaches along the bay are great for multitudes of activities such as swimming, snorkelling, surfing and kayaking. Do not miss the picturesque sunset while you are there!


Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park

Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park is one of the most popular national park in Western Australia. It stretches from Cape Leeuwin to Cape Naturaliste, hence the name. It features spectacular patches of karri and jarrah forests, a significant network of caves, beautiful pristine beaches, well-known surf breaks and a magnificent view. Due to the sheer magnitude of the park, there are multiple entry points to different areas of the park which experiences different microclimates! The lighthouses at Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste are popular places to visit while in the area

Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park Gracetown

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World Class Wineries

Gracetown is located within the popular Margaret River wine region, popular for their world-class wines. Despite only producing less than 3% of all the wines in Australia, this region accounts for more than 20% of all the premium wine in the country. Tantalise your tastebuds here and taste the finest quality wines in Australia.

World Class Wineries Gracetown

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What's the weather like?


Gracetown experiences a humid Mediterranean climate where most rainfall occurs during the winter months. It is generally dry, warm and sunny during the summer. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 32°C with an average minimum temperature of 16°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 19°C with an average minimum temperature of 11°C.


Get to know Gracetown's history


Gracetown is a fairly recent settlement near Margaret River, Western Australia. It was initially a holiday area and was gazetted as a town in the 1960s. The name ‘Gracetown’ was named in honour of a local heroine named Grace Bussell, who was involved in rescuing the crews of the SS Georgette which was sinking off the coast in 1876.

Today, Gracetown is a peaceful little town with just over 300 inhabitants.