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Scarborough Western Australia

Scarborough is a favourite recreational spot for many locals with its beautiful white sandy beach and bustling food scene.

At a Glance

Western Australia is known for its abundance of pristine sunset beaches located near to its capital city, Perth. Scarborough is one of the, if not, the most well-known beach near Perth (Cottlesloe Beach being another contender for the title). Scarborough Beach attracts many different crowds from swimmers, body-boarders, surfers, and even windsurfers.

Scarborough is home to Perth’s most built-up beach teeming with restaurants, pubs, hotels, short stay apartments and backpacker facilities. It is also home to the iconic Rendezvous Hotel, the only high-rise hotel on the Western Australia coast. There were also new and exciting developments in the area including an outdoor amphitheatre where many events were hosted.

Many go to Scarborough for different reasons, but most are there for the pristine beach with the convenience of having an abundance in facilities and restaurants nearby. It’s definitely a must-visit when you come to Perth!

Scarborough Western Australia


Where is Scarborough?


Scarborough is a coastal suburb approximately 13 kilometres northwest of Perth.

Scarborough Beach is one of the longest uninterrupted stretches of beach on Perth's entire coastline. It is also the most built up beach in Perth and the location of Perth’s only beachside skyscraper. One of the best ways to get to Scarborough is to hire a car from Perth Airport.

Scarborough Western Australia


Things to see in Scarborough


Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach is probably the number one reason for one to be at Scarborough. It is one of the longest stretch of uninterrupted beach in Western Australia with silky white sands and pearl blue waters. Swimming and surfing are quintessential things to do here, there are still many options if that does not appeal to you. The dining scene in Scarborough is great, with many restaurants to choose from, or you can just have a picnic at the grassed areas and make use of the barbeque facilities.

Scarborough Beach Scarborough

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Scarborough Beach Pool

Don’t have a thing for swimming in the ocean? Scarborough offers another option that is just as great! The Scarborough Beach Pool is a new landmark in Scarborough that many is excited about. For a low fee, you can enter and swim at a state-of-the-art perfectly heated swimming pool right by the beach. Other than the amazing view, you also get the ocean breeze and the smell of the sea, all in a swimming pool.

Scarborough Beach Pool Scarborough

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Food Hunting at Scarborough

Fancy yourself a foodie? Well, Scarborough might just be the place for you! Who would argue that great food and amazing ocean view is not a match made in heaven? Scarborough offers a huge selection of restaurant and cafes on a strip within walking distance to the beach. From humble breakfast jaffles, pub classics, fancy french patisserie to wood-fired pizzas, Scarborough has it all.

Food Hunting at Scarborough

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Scarborough Sunset Markets

Held at the iconic Scarborough Square and Clock Tower, the Scarborough Sunset Markets is a hit among the locals. All can agree that a sunset market by the sea is going to be amazing. Just imagine the atmosphere with live music, the smell of good food, the ocean breeze, the ambient of people selling their wares. You may even find something that piques your interest from the many stores. The sunset markets are held every Saturday night from 3 pm to 8 pm during certain seasons.

Scarborough Sunset Markets Scarborough

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What's the weather like?


As Australia's sunniest Capital City, Perth experiences over eight hours of sunlight each day which sets over the beaches every night. With warm Summers and cool, wet Winters the seasons follow a Southern Hemisphere climate. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 31°C with an average minimum temperature of 19°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 16°C with an average minimum temperature of 9°C. The climate makes visiting the beach a great activity all year round.


Get to know Scarborough's history


Scarborough is a coastal suburb located within the City of Stirling named after the English beach resort of the same name. The land was sandy,unsuitable for growing crops and prone to strong wind, so not many liked to live here.

In 1885 a Sydney journalist explored the coastline and reported about the pristine beach there, sparking developers to start selling subdivisions. Sales were slow back then, but Scarborough’s development eventually took off and it became a recreational landmark.

Today, Scarborough became a favourite for swimmers and surfers. With its beautiful foreshore coming alive with lights and activities from nearby restaurants and cafes, it is a sight to behold.