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Moore River

Moore River Western Australia

Also known as Guilderton. An unspoiled scenic town lying between the beautiful Moore River and the Indian Ocean, a perfect stop while on a road trip.

At a Glance

Guilderton, also widely known as Moore River by the locals, lies on one of the last remaining unspoilt estuary in the region. Having its origin as a place of recreation, Guilderton Moore River remains a good place for relaxation and fun even after many decades.

For Guilderton Moore River, the attraction is nature itself. The river itself provides a safe spot for watersports such as swimming, kayaking, and fishing with its calm waters. The beach is a popular place for picnics and BBQs too. The estuary is especially picturesque when the tide is lower, as a sandbar would emerge and separate the river from the ocean, producing a breathtaking sight.

Moore River Western Australia


Where is Moore River?


Moore River is approximately 94 kilometres north of Perth. Just over an hour of driving.

The settlement of Guilderton itself lies on the mouth of the scenic Moore River, by the Indian Ocean. It is perfect place to stop while on a drive along the Indian Ocean Drive and Brand Highway. One of the best ways to get to Moore River is to hire a car from Perth Airport.

Moore River Western Australia


Things to see in Moore River


Moore River

Nature is a great asset going for the Guilderton Moore River settlement. The river estuary itself is spectacularly beautiful, being surrounded by natural bushland that is unspoilt by development. There are kayaks and paddle boats available for hire on the river, they are considered one of the best ways to explore the Moore River. You can also go fishing in the area, with plentiful bream in the river, or you can go for herring and whitings in the oceans too.

Moore River


Moore River Sandbar

One of the quintessential characteristic of Moore River is the sandbar. During low tide, a sandbar emerges at the mouth of the river where it meets the Indian Ocean, effectively separating the river waters from the ocean. Not only does it make for a photogenic spot, it creates a special scene where the water is calm and quiet on one side and wavy on the other. You can have a fun time claiming you have ‘crossed’ the river by walking across the sandbar.

Moore River Sandbar


Gravity Discovery Centre Observatory

Western Australia is hailed as one of the best place in the world to gaze upon the stars as it has some of the darkest night skies on the planet. The Gravity Discovery Centre Observatory, also known to the locals as the Gingin observatory is one of the most popular place for you to do that. There is a nightly tour where you can look up into the far distant galaxies with professional telescopes and commentary by astronomers to make it interesting. You may even catch a glimpse of a few shooting stars.

Gravity Discovery Centre Observatory Moore River


Sandboarding at The Desert

While the mention of sandboarding may remind one of Lancelin, it is not the exclusive location for sandboarding. There is a patch of sand dune near the other side of the river which the locals affectionately named “The Desert”. It can be accessed by walking across the sandbar, or hiring a kayak to get to that side of the river. It is quite a popular place for sandboarding as the incline feeds into the water, so you can have some fun sandboarding straight into the water. Some even kayak from the top of the incline straight into the water!

Sandboarding The Desert Moore River

What's the weather like?


Moore River has a hot mediterranean climate. It is hot and dry during the summer, and cool and rainy during the winter. In Summer (December to February), the average maximum temperature is 33°C with an average minimum temperature of 17°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum temperature is 19°C with an average minimum temperature of 7°C.


Get to know Moore River's history


Before being renamed to its current name, the Moore River were known as the Gabbadah, meaning a ‘mouthful of water’, by its Yued inhabitants who had been there for a long time. The area was first settled by Europeans for general recreation purposes. A town was later gazetted in 1951. Although the town is officially named Guilderton, the name Moore River is also widely used by the locals of the area.

Today, Moore River has a population of approximately 150 which can swell upward to more than 3000 during holiday season due to a popular caravan park there.