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Esperance Air Service offers a wide range of different flight options and aerial services. Along with the scenic tourism Esperance Air Service also offer chartered flights, flying tuition, low-level photography, low-level inspections and aerial work.

Our planes are always available for charter flights for corporate clients, urgent freight movement or personal relocation to remote country areas. We can also offer an efficient service for emergency or airline connection flights.

Esperance Air Service can also be made available for low-level inspections and aerial work such as farm cropping, search and rescue, stock mustering, parachute drops, vermin counting, wild dog and feral cat control, fire spotting and aerial co-ordination or other special requirements. Prominent clients for this style of work include Western Power, Fire and Emergency Services Australia (FESA) and Association of Ground Water Agencies.

In addition to these services we can offer a range of low-level photography, whether for personal use or for corporate or government clients. Our images have been used for National Geographic, advertising purposes, farmland surveillance, salinity reports, rivers and waters mapping, fishing and diving information, film and many other uses. Ask us for more information.

At Esperance Air Service we have years of experience in aviation and our trained pilots can also offer instruction courses suitable for anyone from beginners to more advanced flyers. Our courses can also cover anything from private pilot instructions to aerobatics or just plain fun and games.




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