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Beachlands Busselton - Leavers | 18-23 Nov. 2018

Awesome accommodation for Leavers | 18-23 November 2018 So, you’re slogging it out in year 12, hanging for Leavers and all the rad parties? Head down south where we’ve got everything you want and more; an awesome beach party at Meelup Beach, the Dunsborough Leavers Zone where you can dance yo... view more info



Hours: Leavers accommodation only 18-23 November 2018


Beachlands Leavers Accommodation is:

-Safe – the park is booked exclusively by leavers – no ‘toolies’ allowed
-Secure - with 24-hour male and female security
-Fun – there’s a heated pool, jumping pillow and plenty of space to relax
-Well located - next to the beach and bus stop to Dunsborough
-Alcohol-free – as requested by police, as not all Leavers are 18 years old

Beachlands is exclusively for Leavers during schoolies week, and we accommodate about 380 Leavers at maximum capacity, so you’ll be able to team up with other schoolies and make new friends.

Onsite Entertainment and the Dunsborough Leavers Zone

There’s plenty to do at Beachlands;
-soak up the sun by the heated pool;
-show off your gymnastic skills on the giant jumping pillow;
-head to the beach (it’s two minutes’ walk);
-make new friends and grab a game of ping pong in the camp kitchen;

Enough chilling at Beachlands? Catch the bus to the famous Dunsborough Leavers Entertainment Zone where the party runs each night 7pm-1am. The zone has DJ’s, Silent Disco, awesome rides, a pamper tent, PlayStation area, food and a fully equipped medical area.

Hit the Meelup Beach Day on Wednesday 10am-2pm – bring your bathers and get ready for a massive beach party with a DJ, Aqua Playground and the spectacular Meelup Beach as backdrop. The bus to Dunsborough Leavers Zone and the Meelup Beach Party leaves from right outside our park – there’s no need to drive.

Breakfast and Dinner Options
Cook up a storm in your own kitchen or buy dinner at one of the food vans. Have hot pancakes for breakfast Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. With maple syrup and all your favourite toppings. There’ll be some awesome food trucks visiting the park during Leavers week. Each night, you can enjoy delicious meals that cost between $8-$15.

Information for Parents

Incidentals Levy: $100.00 per person staying in accommodation (To be paid cash on arrival) Incidental levy is for; security, Beachlands wrist bands, Pancake morning, entertainment.
Here at BIG4 Beachlands we have been hosting Leavers for over 20 years. We welcome these young adults into our park so they can relax and unwind in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Safety is a priority, so we provide 24-hour security including male and female security staff, and visitors to the park are not permitted for the safety and security of our Leavers and their belongings.

We have a strict alcohol free policy at the request of WA Police, as half our Leavers guests are under 18 years of age. Consumption or possession of alcohol by guests under the age of 18 is not permitted, therefore, for the duration of Leavers, BIG4 Beachlands is an alcohol-free zone. Ready to book your BIG4 Beachlands Leavers Accommodation? Please read our guidelines and requirements carefully, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all our young guests.

Cancellation Policy

We understand plans can change, so here are our conditions and policies

- Deposits are required to be paid when making your reservation (by credit card-1.5% surcharge).
- Should you choose to cancel your booking or fail to pay the outstanding balance by the due date your deposit (Less the booking fee) will not be refunded unless your accommodation/site is rebooked.
- Any changes to your booking will incur a $100 fee.
- Balance of tariff (less deposit paid) plus bond is due no later than Friday 10th August 2018
- Payment can be made by EFT into Beachlands bank account 306-005 2151398.
- Bond refunds will be processed via EFT to the group leader following the inspection and cleaning of all premises. Please allow approximately 1 week for processing.

LEAVERS 2018 BOOKING CONDITIONS Incidentals Levy: $100.00 per person staying in accommodation (To be paid cash on arrival) Incidental levy is for; security Beachlands wrist bands Pancake morning entertainment BIG4 Beachlands Holiday Park is pleased to provide a safe and secure environment for you to celebrate “Leavers”. Please read these conditions carefully before proceeding with your reservation. ALL BOOKINGS MUST BE MADE BY A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN. THIS PERSON BECOMES YOUR GROUP LEADER AND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR COMMUNICATING THIS AND ALL OTHER INFORMATION TO THE REST OF YOUR GROUP. THE GROUP LEADER MUST SIGN AND RETURN THIS FORM WITH PAYMENT OF YOUR DEPOSIT.

- All members of your group must be attending Year 12.
- All members of your group must read and sign a copy of our Behaviour Guidelines and have a parent or legal guardian read and sign the form.
- BIG4 Beachlands will check all parent signatures upon receipt of the signed guidelines. Any form found to have a forged parent/guardian signature will result in the immediate cancellation of the reservation and forfeiture of all monies paid.
- All members of your group must produce a letter from their school stating that they are attending Year 12 in 2018. This letter must be on letterhead include a clear photo and be signed by an authorised member of staff.
The original ID Letter must be returned along with the signed Booking Conditions Behaviour Guidelines and Group Registration forms within 14 days of making your booking. This must be sent all together for every member of the group. Individual paperwork will not be accepted. Should any member of your group fail to produce the required identification letter your booking will be cancelled and any monies paid will be forfeited.
- You must ensure that everyone in your group is trustworthy as a breach of any of these conditions or our Behaviour Guidelines will result in eviction of the entire group.
- A 24 hour emergency contact number of a parent or legal guardian must be provided for each group member and recorded on the Behaviour Guidelines form. Parents will be contacted should any of our guidelines not be respected.

- A deposit of 50% of Tariff for all accommodation and $110pp for sites only is required at the time of making your reservation. All other payments are to be made by direct deposit into BIG4 Beachlands bank account.
- Your deposit (less the booking fee) will not be refunded unless your accommodation/site is able to be rebooked. A fee of $100.00 will apply to any cancellations that are rebooked. We strongly advise that you take out travel insurance in the event that you have to cancel your booking. - Changes to your booking will incur a $100 fee.
- The BALANCE of your payment plus your BOND must be paid by DIRECT DEPOSIT in full no later than 10 August 2018. Please provide Bank details for BOND Refund- Acct Name:_____________________ BSB:_ _ _ - _ _ _ Acct No: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - If the full payment is not received by the due date your booking will be cancelled and NO MONIES will be refunded.
I do hereby agree that all of the booking conditions set out above have been read and understood by all members of my group and their parents/guardians and I wish to proceed with the reservation. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ ------------------- GROUP LEADER NAME SIGNATURE DATE (Parent or Legal Guardian)


BIG4 Beachlands is a family holiday park situated in a residential area. To ensure that we provide a safe and secure environment for our guests during “Leavers” and respect the neighbouring community we have set the following guidelines:

- Due to our duty of care responsibilities and the new Liquor Laws consumption or possession of alcohol by guests under the age of 18 is not permitted. Therefore for the duration of “Leavers” BIG4 Beachlands will be strictly an “ALCOHOL FREE ZONE”. Anyone booking for “Leavers” regardless of age must abide by these guidelines.
- Anyone found supplying minors with alcohol will be reported to the police.
- Parents - do not bring alcohol into BIG4 Beachlands for your children as this contravenes not only our “Duty of Care” responsibilities but also the Liquor Laws and will result in your entire group being asked to leave and forfeiting all monies paid.
- Quiet time is strictly 10.30pm. When returning to the park at night please be considerate of other guests and our neighbours. Should your group be warned about noise more than once your bond may be forfeited and your group may be asked to leave.
- For safety & security all guests are required to return to the park and their allocated accommodation unit or camp site no later than 1am.
- All accommodation units and other park buildings are to be left in the same condition as they are presented to you on arrival. Any damage to accommodation units or park buildings will result in total repair costs being deducted from Bonds held.
- A cleaning levy will be deducted from bonds held should your unit require cleaning deemed to be in excess of normal cleaning requirements.
- All rubbish is to be placed in bins provided. Littering in and around the park will not be tolerated. - When using BBQ areas and camp kitchen please be considerate and leave clean and tidy for the next users. - No outside visitors are to be invited to BIG4 Beachlands during your stay with us. - Every student will be issued with a wristband to be worn for the duration of his or her stay. Lost or damaged wristbands will incur a replacement charge of $50.

Due to “Duty of Care” responsibilities if the above guidelines are not respected students will be asked to leave the park immediately. In the case of a group booking the entire group will be asked to leave the premises immediately. All tariffs paid including bonds will be automatically forfeited. BIG4 Beachlands aim is to provide a safe environment for all “Leavers” and to build a friendly relationship. Respecting the above guidelines will help us achieve this goal.

This letter is to make “Leavers” and “Leavers Parents” aware not only of BIG4 Beachlands responsibilities but also their personal responsibilities. We require the signature of all parents on these guidelines to confirm that you fully understand all of the above guidelines. Parents will be contacted immediately should these guidelines not be respected.

STUDENT NAME: ___________________________________________________________________
PARENT NAME(S): __________________________________________________________________
PARENT EMAIL: _____________________________________________________________________
PARENT SIGNATURE(S): _____________________________________________________________
24HR EMERGENCY CONTACT: ________________________(HM)________________________(MOB)

I/we fully understand the aforementioned guidelines and agree that these guidelines will be respected by my/our child during their stay at BIG4 Beachlands Holiday Park.


10 Earnshaw Road, Busselton WA 6280, Australia


We’re located by the beach in West Busselton, just 15 minutes from the Dunsborough Leavers Zone. The bus to Dunsborough Leavers Zone and the Meelup Beach Party leaves from right outside our park – there’s no need to drive.



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