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Put your WA tourism business ahead of the rest and give your business the profile it deserves, with a banner advert on WA Holiday Guide. We are a family friendly, comprehensive and popular website for holidays in Western Australia.


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Why WA Holiday Guide?

We are 100% WA owned and operated. We share your home state pride!

Our Banner Adverts as seen sliding across the top of your screen, appear on every page of the WA Holiday Guide website. The scrolling nature of the banners means that your advert will be seen on every page, no exception!

When customers see your details in a banner, it provides the customer will instant recognition that your business is one to do business with, a larger entity that their booking will be safe with. It provides a sense of size and trust that can't be bought any other way. Banner Adverts with WA Holiday Guide are also a great way to convey your core marketing message or even just to increase the recognition of your brand and logo.

Whatever your reasons, putting your tourism business name up in lights is a great confidence booster, a way to say "look at me" or announce to the market that your business wants to play with the big boys. If you're proud of your product and are ready to grow, do it today.

What We Charge

$990.00 per 12 months, including GST.

Pay at sign up and receive a $40 discount (only pay $950.00!) We accept direct deposit, cheque, credit card or debit card.


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We offer full statistics of how many people have viewed your Banner Advert and also how many clicks you have had. We are happy to provide you with this information at your request and at any time. This will allow you to work out a cost-per-click at any point during your campaign.


You can supply artwork to us at the required dimensions and file size, or have our design team create your banner for free. Please note that our Banner Adverts are not permitted to be animated as they already scroll across the screen.


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If you agree that WA Holiday Guide will be suitable to market your business and deliver you more customers then all that is left to do is submit the request for your new banner using via the link below to submit your details.


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